The North Station District is an urban mixed-use development offering up to 4M SF of research, medical, innovation, residential and retail space centered around a major inter-modal transit hub.

Multiple phases at a FAR of 8 yields:

      - Phase 1 | up to 2M SF
      - Phase 2A | up to 1.1M SF
      - Phase 2B | up to 800K SF

This project will generate jobs and economic development including:

     - 900 jobs created in Phase 1
     - Over $48 Million earned in Phase 1

The transit hub will:

   - increase mobility for the local community through direct access to multiple modes of transportation
   - connect North Philadelphia Station with the greater Philadelphia area

Maker Spaces or Fab Labs will:

  - provide skills training + job preparation
  - offer tools for innovative research
  - accommodate space for collaboration + knowledge sharing
  - promote a culture of learning + empowerment